Frequently Asked Questions

If your question(s) isn’t listed, you may contact me. Otherwise, I’ll ignore and delete your question.

⦁ What can I expect from you?
Games and random conversations.

⦁ Can I request a game?
Yes, you can.
If the game is already on my list, then I’ll raise its priority.
If the game is not on my list but it picks my interest, I’ll add it to the list with top priority.

⦁ How can I make a request?
Requests are made by private message (PM) on the blog or a social network..

⦁ Will you ever buy + play (digital) games on release?
These are the series I’d purchase on release date in a heartbeat: Danganronpa, Tales of and Persona (not spin-offs). All others are depend on my mood and wallet.

⦁ Why does it take so long for you receive (physical) games you pre-order?
I ain’t from around here. I’m from another dimension.

⦁ Can we give you spoilers or tips?
No spoilers, please. If I want to find out about the game, I’ll search it myself.
Tips are welcomed and allowed on blog comments or by PM. I’ll make sure to give a shout out after trying them.

⦁ Do your reviews contain spoilers?
Yeah….they might. There is a warning in all of them even if it seems like there is no major spoiler.
Whining about being spoiled will get you nowhere.

⦁ What kind of otome games and BL games are you planning to play?
I’m planning to play even R18 otome and BL games as long as the story interests me. I’ll try to stay away from extreme violence and sexual assault.

⦁ Can we ask you anything?
…If it’s not too personal, I’ll answer.

⦁ What will happen if I post something unpleasant?
– 1st strike: Your comment will be deleted.
– 2nd strike: You’ll be blocked/banned.
– 1st strike: Your comment will be deleted and, if not posted by accident, you’ll be banned/blocked.
Comments on how I should play the game (backseat gaming):
– 1st strike: I’ll ignore you.
– 2nd strike: A repeated offense will get you banned/blocked.