[Review] Persona 4: Dancing All Night [Normal] 

“I know what this is. It’s called bromance!” (During a Yu + Yosuke dance)

A~hh, Nanako-chan… You’re learning some dangerous stuff way too early. ( ͡°⁄ ⁄ ͜⁄ ⁄ʖ⁄ ⁄ ͡°)


          Rise Kujikawa asks her friends, the former members of the Investigation Team, to perform alongside her in the Love Meets Bonds Festival. Yu Narukami and Naoto Shirogane, join Rise in practise at the dance studio before the rest of the gang and become acquaintanced with the Kanamin Kitchen members.

After a while, the fellow idols they had just met are presumed missing and they decide to look into a rumour concerning a video that appears on the LMB site at midnight. They’re sucked into a new world – the Midnight Stage – and face a mysterious entity binding and brainwashing Shadows with ribbons. Yu, Rise and Naoto are unable to use violence to protect themselves, but they discover another way to express their feelings to the Shadows – through music and dance.

Thus, the Investigation Team returns once again!


          The game is a mixture of the Visual Novel and Rhythm Game genre. The visual novel is only accessible through Story Mode, while the rhythm game can be found both in Story Mode and in Free Dance. The CGI for the visual novel is crisp, colourful, sharp and HD with slight touch of dynamics, by making the characters move their eyes and mouth while speaking.

Most of the scenes, actions were described by voiced text, however for a small part of relevant events there were CGI serving as a visual aid and to keep the party interested, preventing the game from becoming boring. Of course, one has to expect that some would be reused during certain events, such as an end of battle scene.

          The rhythm game has the characters (in 3D) dance along to the Persona 4 original soundtrack (remakes and spin offs included). The OST includes remix songs from the previous games and the song performed by the Kanamin Kitchen group in Story Mode.

The characters perform songs that fit their personality and there is a chance of choosing a partner to appear during Fever Time. The main dancer of the track is unchangeable and the partner choice is only from a pre-determined number characters, only unlocked and chosen in Free Dance mode (each mode unlocks a partner). In Story Mode, we take what the game gives.

          Costumes are available through DLC and in-game purchase. Costumes can only be changed in Free Dance.

          The soundtrack doesn’t present flaws while playing and there are no issues with the volume either. I felt like it was one of those rare moments were the voice acting isn’t overlapped by the BGM.

If you appreciated the OST from Persona 4 like we did, then you’ll have no problems. You may dislike certain arrangements, but to be honest all of them are pretty good. It’s hard for a fan to dislike it.

If you ever feel like playing just listening to the track, the motivational voices from characters can be muted. The game does give you some choices to please you after all.

          I really missed the Investigation Team. Persona 4: Golden was the game that actually introduced me better to the Persona series and even Shin Megami Tensei (to think I played a little of the online game without knowing what the fuck was happening… Shame!)


          Of course. On sale, tho.

As fun as it was, it’s not something I would buy on release. 



P.S._ For the next weeks there will be no posts (UnSpokenewbie and game related posts). I apologize.


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