[Report] The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

          Yes, the dialogue still makes me fall asleep. A little less but it does the job.


          Shit is getting intense real quick!

          I had a feeling Rean wasn’t normal. He tried to keep a distance from everyone even his family. Maybe he thought that he had to search for a place he truly belonged, since he didn’t share any blood links with them. He didn’t mean to, it was because of all the gossiping adults talking while growing up.

That’s probably why Jusis can relate to him to a point. He softened a little more when he heard about Rean’s past. Heimdallr truly feels like a city. If it wasn’t for the old car design and the lack of modern technology as we know, it’d have felt like a modern time city you could easily find in a developed country.

          It was when Machias decided to share his back story that it finally came to me: some characters are actually changing. They’re maturing and overcoming hurdles. I felt happy but at the same time sad. That usually means the game is halfway done.

          Machias recognized that his anger towards all nobles was unfair. Just like commoners, there are good and bad nobles. Yet he still bickers with Jusis from time to time. But now it’s more like a friendly bickering and mostly because Jusis teases him first.

          I had a feeling the girls in Laura’s village would idolize her and I was right. Well, it’s not that surprising when the game brushes slightly on GL.

I too admire her strenght. Not to the point of defending  her virtue, though. Since we don’t have many chances to go out at night or actually do something other than get together with others and watch some cutscenes, I wanted to stay outside a little more. But I get why it was so small. We still had to see Garrelia Fortress.

          To be honest, fighting S (Scarlet! HA! Who knew?) was a bit easy. On the first time, I wanted to take the fight slowly and enjoy it. But she killed all my party member so I decided to give her a little surprise – S-Break Chain! It was ridiculous how much damage she took. We broke her.

Status bonus and status ailments are really effective in this game! It’s almost amazing.

          Roer seems to be a futuristic city, mainly because technology is developed there. It also feels a little like a revolutionary party resistance hideout since the city is basically buildings on top of buildings.

          To this point my 2 favourite field study locations were Nord Highlands and Bareahardt. The design of those two were quite beautiful.

          For a while I’ve suspected that Jusis’ brother, Rufus, might’ve been C. There was something about him that was a little off. I hope Chapter 7 discards this idea of mine. I don’t want Jusis’ only trustworthy family member in the Albarea household to betray him.

My Tsundere-kun doesn’t deserve that! (˶′◡‵˶)

          By the way, Gaius has been spending a lot of time with Jusis lately………………… I smell a nice dj. (¬‿¬)

I-It’s t-totally not me!! The L-Literature Club p-prez is influencing meeee!!! (>_<)/)))


4 thoughts on “[Report] The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

    1. I’m playing on Normal since it’s my first time.
      It’s a surprisingly good game. Much better than I expected.
      Are you enjoying Tokyo Xanadu? I’m thinking about purchasing it.


      1. I played on Nightmare for the first and second playthrough, which is easier than it sounds. Glad to hear you like it since most people I know complained about it being too drawn out or slow. As for Tokyo Xanadu, basically the same as Cold Steel due to them sharing the same game engine. Story is fine for what it is, but liking the characters far more. Should have a review for it up in another week if I can deal with the last dungeon and epilogue chapter by today.


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