Do You Hate Me Universe?

Do you ever get the feeling that the Universe just hates you?

I could be going crazy but… I get the feeling things get extra hard when it comes to me. I know, I know. Kids somewhere in the world don’t eat, adults somewhere in the world are submissive slaves, life is hard for every fucking cell in the world and shit. I get it! But, can I just complain about my life? Or can I only do it offline, on a more personal note?

          Well, recently, I’ve been trying to get employed in my actual field of study. ‘Cuz…dreams and shit.

While I do understand the demand of high capable personnel, I get the feeling that when it’s my turn, submitting an application becomes very difficult.

There is a large pile of tests, a good quantity of interviews and all that is before you can get the actual interview for the position you desire. They want to make sure they’re hiring the super genius among geniuses. Tough shit when you’re the average of the average like me.

For some reason, acquaintances recommend *me* these companies. I don’t know if they hate me and want to put me down or if they believe I can actually make it through the bullshit.

          “Just don’t apply then! Why are you applying if it puts you down? Are you an M?”

I may just be hoping someone on the HR hires my ass accidentally and I just do well enough in the company that they’re able to overlook my “average girl” presence.

Let’s face it: I am a negative person. I expect the worst out of almost all interactions in my life. However, I believe in grabbing all opportunities.

I will be rejected. It’ll put me down and make my existence equivalent to a rock. Hey, at least I tried. Anyway, you can see why I may have a slight idea that the Universe might not want my happiness.

Am I really that crazy for thinking like that? Do you ever feel that the Universe might dislike you?

Is it my personality? Did I do something on the day I was born? Am I unclean?

Not even as a child things went well for me… That’s why sometimes I wish my heart would completely turn black. But it doesn’t.



Flip a table, everybody! !!!!|┛*`Д´|┛・・~~┻━┻ ┳━┳


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