[Report] Root Letter

          I must be honest and tell you I’m unsure about this game.

I like mystery games and I like visual novels. So I thought, why not? Right?


          First of all, this is not a review. I’ve only played through one route (Crossing Paths) so I can’t give my full opinion about this game. I’ll try to get at least two more routes before my final verdict.

Look at this as my feelings only after finishing one route. Or a rant, if you prefer. Don’t look at it as a whole.If you’re afraid of being influenced by this report, then don’t read this and wait for the final review. I don’t know how long it’ll take me, but I’ll try not to “quit without saving”.

          Dear readers, from my warnings you must’ve already noticed that I’m not happy about this game. It’s true.I’m on a 50 (good) – 50 (bad) with this game. I can’t say that the game isn’t good for a different number of reasons, but I can say that this game took the fun out of mystery visual novels for me. Too harsh? Well… After playing through this, I was left disappointed and slightly bewildered.Even for a ‘normal’ route, I assume, it was too dry. I was left thinking “Was it really supposed to be like that?”

After everyone made such a big deal out of it, it ends with us never meeting her face to face and listening to her feelings about it as an adult. She just vanishes into thin air and rides the ol’ wind stream to Africa. “What the..?” This is basically the equivalent of starting a game and then quitting next to the final boss room.

Jeez! Even one of the (bad) endings from Zero Escape had more impact than that!

          I may be biased, though. I’m used to a much more brutal, bloody, life-threatening mystery than a romantic ‘mystery’ where the bad deed was actually a good deed that seemed bad because she was deeply engrossed in it. I recognize that.

But when a game is advertised as a thrilling mystery game, with the phrase “I killed someone. I must atone for my sins.” I won’t expect a romantic, soft version of a mystery game even if it does have multiple endings. I’m going to expect a thrilling, heart-pounding chase with a fulfilling or cliffhanging ending. That “normal route ending” wasn’t what I ever expected to see. Even the revelation was … Hm.

Had they initially gone with a soft mystery ad, I would’ve known what to expect. I wouldn’t be almost feeling regret for buying it. Even on sale!

          To summarize, there is no thrill in this game. I felt my enthusiasm diminish as I played.

Maybe reminiscing about the good parts of the game will give me a little strength to pick it up again. I’m not feeling it yet but who knows?



Root Letter

Region: EU

Genre(s): Visual Novel, Adventure

Platform(s): PSVita, PS4

Rating: PEGI16

Developer: Kadokawa Games

Publisher: PQube


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