Innocent Crush

I was in a good mood today! And since I’m still in a good mood writing this, I guess I can talk about love without rolling my eyes in real life.

Well, obviously, I’m not going to talk about my real life love interests. That’d be a disaster…and my good mood would probably be gone. o(╥﹏╥)

Anyway, when I was a little brat, you know…pre-teen, tween, tweenkie or whatever is called now, I had a HUGE crush on Trunks (from Dragon Ball). When I say huge, I mean he was the only reason I’d even look at Dragon Ball GT.

I couldn’t care less about battles, I was on the innocent, true love rules all phase (shoujo). Ah, I had such faith in love and friendship back then…  “Oh, Trunks! My lovely Trunks… Your hair smooth as silk, so very cultured, refined and courageous! Hold me in your arms as I pretend to faint like a lady.”

Well, I didn’t think things like that but I definitely thought he was super cute and cool. I mean, take a look at all the characters. He’s definitely the cutest…until he goes Super Saiyan. Then he looks just like the others. *crush paused* (ᗒᗩᗕ)

You might be thinking “Why the hell is this bitch talking about her anime crush from a long time ago?”

Well, no good reason. Recently I saw a joke about Krillin and I felt like reading Dragon Ball. After finishing the Red Ribbon Army arc, I remembered “I totally used to really like Trunks. He was my second crush! I wanna see him in action.” so I jumped to the chapter he appears (ch. 331).

How about you? Did you use to have a crush on any anime character as a young teen? Do you still remember that character fondly or did your views change?

I still think Trunks is cute and cool as hell… Good to know my non-real life crushes are solid A’s. (˶◕‿◕˶✿)



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