[Review] Persona 3 Portable [Girl]

        I finished it, but I didn’t even notice I never posted the halfway through review.
That’s so me!


          April and May were chaotic but they didn’t keep me away from a good Persona game.
Honestly speaking, playing Persona only makes me want to give a shot at Shin Megami Tensei games.
I don’t know why but Atlus can make it engaging.
As you already know, I knew the story of P3 from watching previous gameplay videos of it. Nothing that happened in it really came as a surprise.
I was aware that they’d be a few changes here and there since the protagonist is a girl but nothing major.

          My impression of the game didn’t change. So to remind you, I’ll simply quote myself.
You’re free to skip to my ‘personal-not-so-tech-experience’ of the game.
“The game is mostly a visual novel. The only part with 3D is when you explore Tartarus or fight shadow bosses in town. The models aren’t sharp and clean. In fact they’re very pixellated. This can a bit frustrating for those who want to see the characters in detail while in battle. But it’s understandable, this game was made for the PSP.”
          “I found the lack of appropriate CGI a bit annoying. There are certain scenes that we can only tell what’s happening because it’s being described. I know they didn’t want it to be too extensive or heavy, but it wouldn’t have been harmful to add a few more CGI to demonstrate some situations being described (main story). “
          “I can’t complain about the soundtrack. I can never complain about the soundtrack in Shin Megami Tensei main games or spin-offs like Persona. It’s just so good! I don’t know how they make it but it’s always good. “
          We all know that Persona 3 Portable, received quite a few changes from the original Persona 3 with the addition of the female protagonist. Here’s a summary of those changes.
What was added in the Portable version:
⦁ Female protagonist;
⦁ New story elements and music;
⦁ Social Links (changes – female);
⦁ New interface designed for the PSP.
          Now regarding my personal experience playing it, I had fun. Even with a guide limiting my choices and what scenes I could see, I really enjoyed it.
Starting with the social links, being able to get to know a bit more the male party members was a nice experience. I used to have my doubts about Junpei, but he turned out to be a great friend. Almost like a brother.
I didn’t actually wanted to choose a boyfriend but I ended up with three lovers. No, I wasn’t being slutty. Two of them aren’t even human so…they don’t…count…much.
C’mon! Of course I’d go for Theo. And Ryo was just too adorable!! So I probably did it with three guys… I feel proud.
          The battles were challenging.
Honestly, when I started using the guide I thought everything was going to be easy. I knew their weaknesses, their attacks and even their special moves, but there were times I had to retry.
There would always be some kind of bullshit in the middle of a boss fight.
If one of my party members get unconscious, it’d be a hassle. It’s a wasted attack turn.
I’d almost always be the main attacker and sometimes the main healer. They just dumped it all on me.
          Near the end of the game, I came to hate two things: Grinding and Excessive Free Time.
I don’t know if it was because I was using a guide, but I had a lot of free time starting around November. And it only increased!
It’s not a bad thing. It’s good that you get free time to do your own shit, but that was too much. If you didn’t have an S.Link to hang out with it was pretty much School>Dorm>Sleep. Even having free time became tiring.
Maybe I didn’t have anything to do because I was using a guide and was able to MAX nearly all my S. Links before December.
          After you reach the supposed floor Nyx would descend upon (of course it wasn’t that one), you can challenge Death/Reaper (actually, you can do it after reaching level 70) to open another dungeon so that you can reach level 99.
You don’t have to but if you want to fuse great personas and use top gear you have to.
It became a chore. I really missed how easy it was to level up in Persona 4: Golden.
I’ll tell you this, tho: I’m tired of games always making me the leader. Sometimes, people want to be followers!

          I played Persona 4: Golden. BAM!
Of course I want to play P5 but that dream is… *le sigh*